How did the Videofreex Archive get to herstory by Mary Curtis

De cómo videofreex se convirtió en

By Skip

According to phone conversation Mary Curtis and I recently had (with letters to and from MCR on file that verify some of the process):

In 1998 or so, Curtis got curious about an edit of her and Cy Griffin’s September 1971 wedding, with footage from 5 or so portapaks covering the ceremony and surroundings; also, about a Buckaroo Bart episode called “Mail Order Bride” that does include an edited scene of her wedding; also maybe there was an existing tape of the Marx Bros satire that Shirley Clarke directed and made up as production went along in production with a large cast and crew of Freex and friends during the wedding that I don’t think we ever found.

Anyway, Curtis found the wedding edit tape rummaging through boxes of some of the tapes that were on the shelves at Maple Tree Farm that ended up in Parry &…

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